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5 Reasons to Consider Auto Loans from a Trusted Dealership in Hinesville, GA

Forget everything you ever heard about auto loans from a dealership near Hinesville, GA. Why? Because the information is inaccurate. For years, car dealerships got a bad rap when it comes to loans. The fact is when you do business with a reputable dealer, not only will you find an abundance of quality cars, trucks, and SUVs at affordable prices, but an excellent finance department to help you close the deal.

Do you need more convincing? Consider the top five reasons auto loans from respected dealerships makes more sense than securing funds from a conventional bank or credit union.

1. Convenience – The convenience of taking out a loan from a dealership is one of the top five reasons. When you visit a reputable dealership near Hinesville, GA, to find your dream automobile, you can take care of the loan at the same time. This process eliminates the need to drive to or call different lending institutions and then faxing essential documents back and forth between the dealership and lender. Everything you need the dealer provides.

2. Extended Terms – When you talk to traditional lenders, you will discover they only offer 72-month financing on new or certified previously owned vehicles. The difference is when you visit the right dealership near Hinesville, GA, the financial specialists can offer you extended terms even on many used vehicles.

3. Higher Loan-to-Value Ratio – Instead of being strict about the loan-to-value ratio as you would find with most banks and credit unions, a respected dealer can arrange auto loans with more aggressive ratios. If you are upside-down on a vehicle that you want to use as a trade-in, this helps tremendously in securing the finances needed to buy something new.

4. Pre-Approval – Although conventional lenders allow people to go through a pre-approval process for auto loans, so do the best dealers. The advantage of this is that you have already completed the loan process so when you visit the dealership, all you need to do is select an automobile and sign a few papers.

5. More Options – A dealership that finances auto loans works with multiple lenders, which creates more opportunities for you as the buyer. That means the financial expert can review several loans to find one that best matches your needs.

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