Chevrolet Dealer Near Me Fleming, GA

A Trusted Chevrolet Dealer Near Me by Fleming, GA, Offers Winter Driving Safety Tips

With winter approaching quickly, now is the time to go over driving safety tips provided by a trusted Chevrolet dealer near me by Fleming, GA. Whether you do most of your driving in the state of Georgia or you take frequent trips for business or pleasure, it never hurts to look over a list of reminders on how to enhance safety on the road.

Acceleration and Deceleration – Although you do not need to worry about snow-covered roads in Georgia, the dealership by Fleming, GA, reminds you that this area still receives a decent amount of rain. Whenever faced with slick surfaces, avoid rapid acceleration or deceleration. Keep your speed down, giving you more time to react.

Fatigued – Winter driving creates unique challenges. The dealership close to Fleming, GA, strongly urges you to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle when feeling fatigued. You want your mind and body sharp and alert.

Warm-Ups – After buying your dream car from a Chevrolet dealer near me, make sure you never warm the engine up in the morning inside a garage or other enclosed space. That creates a potentially deadly situation due to carbon monoxide.

Tire Pressure – Cold road surfaces can change tire pressure. Before driving in the winter, visit the service center at a reputable dealership not far from near Fleming, GA, to have the pressure in your tires checked by a professional.

Gasoline – The Chevrolet dealer near me recommends that you keep your gas tank at least half full during the winter season.

Cruise Control – Even if you purchased a car, truck, or SUV from a trusted dealership near Fleming, GA, that came with an abundance of features, including cruise control, avoid using it when driving on slippery surfaces.

Snow-Bound – If you become stuck somewhere, heed what the Chevrolet dealer near me suggests, stay with your vehicle. Not only are you sheltered from the harsh elements, but rescuers will have an easier time locating you. If you run the engine to keep warm, make sure nothing is clogging the tailpipe, including the snow.

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